Pocket Multi Kit Code 956
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Pocket Multi Kit Code 956

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Place of Origin  Beijing China (Mainland)
Model Number:  Multifunctional tool card
Color: silver
Weight: 15g
Application: multifunction
 multifunction tool card A.jpg 


1. opener: underneath the edges of the hook mouth used together alexandrine, can be easily open tin cans.

2. Live wrench: namely long strips hollow out slot, can be twisted any flat model bao hou different take LuoSiKou items.

3. sawtooth: double row crisscross jagged, increase strength, improve efficiency, I not only used to saw wood branches, purify the scales is also nice.

4. Keyhole, can be hung from the card plexiglass.

5. Positioning wrench: two different types of six arrises wrench, 7 model than function is small.

6. Direction indicator: available equal parts of scale accurate determination of 16 different directions.

7. Positioning wrench: four different types of six arrises wrench, suitable for daily use the size of the bolts and the nuts.

8. Straightedge rule: adopt metric scale, the smallest scale for mm.

9. Bottle opener: suitable for beer bottle, beverage and etc and cover open.

10. A screwdriver: a corner in card (this position using the mechanics principle increases the strength and more

Energy), the science Angle cutting into a word screwdriver, can screw firmness commonly used models.

11. Side with a sharp edge sword: cutting the ropes, can wash fruits cutting after more isn’t the problem.

Comes with cover


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