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  • Description

Product Description

Specification :

  • Elastic band with Velcro can ease to wear and fit to your neck.
  • Comfortable neck guard design to effectively maintain the cervical
  • spine in normal position.
  • Relieve your neck pain or discomfort from sore and aching muscles,
  • Whiplash, Hemiated Disc, Meningitis, Osteomyelitis, fibromyalgia.

Suitable for :

  • People with a variety of cervical inflammation and cervical discomfort
  • People who work or study at desk for long time
  • People who are inclined to neck injuries and feeling pressure on the neck
  •  People who are prone to get stiff neck during sleep
  • Used for long-distance driving.Adjust the driver’s head to the suitable angle (15-20), to avoid jugular compression and relieve neck fatigue for safe driving.

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