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Infinitely useful, always accessible

The Wallet Ninja sports eighteen useful, everyday tools that fit into a metal rectangle the size of a credit card.

Keep this multi-tool in your wallet and you’ll always be prepared to slice open that cardboard box from Vat19 full of curiously awesome products!

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18 reliable, functional tools in the size of a credit card

  1. Inch ruler
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Bottle opener
  4. Can opener
  5. Peeler
  6. Screwdriver
  7. #2 Hex
  8. #6 Hex
  9. #10 Hex
  1. #12 Hex
  2. #8 Hex
  3. #4 Hex
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Cellphone stand
  6. Box opener
  7. Letter opener
  8. Eyeglass screwdriver
  9. cm rule

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Super thin, yet super strong

The Wallet Ninja is made from 4X heat-treated steel. So despite being only 1.5mm thick, it’s incredibly strong. You can’t bend this sucker — it’s as solid as steel (because it’s solid steel).

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Guaranteed to last a lifetime

The manufacturer backs the Wallet Ninja with a lifetime guarantee. It will never rust, bend, or dull!

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Clever, useful tools

Our two personal favorites on the Wallet Ninja are the box opener (to get at all the goodies we buy online) and the cellphone stand.

Slide a credit card through the specially-designed slot and showcase the latest amazing videoyou’ve found online.

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Travels well!

The absence of sharp edges and its small size has earned the Wallet Ninja the distinction of being TSA-approved. You are hereby cleared to carry the Wallet Ninja aboard your next flight.

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Open stuff in a pinch!

In addition to six hex wrenches and four screwdrivers, the Wallet Ninja is packed with eight other everyday tools. These include a bottle opener, can opener, letter opener, box cutter, inch and centimeter rulers, the aforementioned cellphone stand, and a fruit peeler!

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