World of science science kit

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  • Description


  • world of science game set.
  • Amaze & surprise your friends with these coolest science experiments!
  • Enjoy fun experiments in seven key areas: Nature, physics, chemistry, air, water, color and light.
  • This kit teaches science fundamentals with step by step, hands on experiments, while also introducing children to the scientific method itself.
  • The 48 page pictorial guidebook has just enough text to reinforce vocabulary and also to advise parents and adult supervisors.
  • Age group: 8 years and above.

Begin a lifetime of scientific investigations and understanding with fun experiments in seven key areas:nature,chemistry,Air,water,colour and light.Learn what plants need to grow,build a barometer,see how water climbs,watch plants sweat,and investigate plant propagations.discover how a magnifying glass enlarge,how colour mix,how static elecricity attracts,how sundials tell time,and how a motion picture works.investigate air pressure, air flow hovercraft paper airplanes and suction.Write secreat message,float a paper clip blow super bubbles,observe capillary actions,and test displacement.build a soap driven boat mix oil and water ,experiment with evaporation,paint with sugar and watch a balloons inflate itself.


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